Wednesday, November 15, 2006
  CADCast Episode 010 (UCS & WCS)
In this episode, I will address a listener's email regarding the UCS or User Coordinate System, as well as and how it relates to the WCS or World Coordinate System.

Thanks to those who waited forever for this episode! I've been committed to personal and professional tasks that make money. I'll try to keep the podcast going but unfortunately I cannot commit to any schedule at this time.

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I've had over 16 years experience using AutoCAD for 2D Civil, 2D/3D Mechanical Design & Piping, Environmental Remediation & Reporting, Geotechnical, and Asbestos Monitoring. In addition I've used ArcView/ArcGIS for 9 years for Environmental Monitoring, Master Planning, and Data Management including Access Database design including interface & report design. I've been the owner of RL Graphics, a small business providing CAD & Graphics services to businesses for over 12 years with services including all of the disciplines above.


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